Enterprise Business Architect
Community of Enterprise Transformation Experts that apply Business Architecture discipline to build up market leading Companies and Ecosystems

Our passion is to build Agile Businesses, design Platforms and Ecosystems. We gain real transformation experience with the top market pioneers at Finance, Retail, Telecom, etc.

Also we strongly believe that decent Business Architecture substantially improves execution of Enterprise Strategy empowered by Digital Investments and Agile Governance

Our Goals
The primary goal is clarification of
what present Business Architecture actually is, and what Business Architects might do to become relevant as an actual transformation leaders of an organization.
Thus we contribute to the future of this discipline
and connect it to other developing topics such as Hyper Automation, Platform Business, Enterprise Agility, Data Governance, Product and Service Management.
The secondary goal is education or advisory of different Change Agents, particularly - product leaders, enterprise architects and business analysts, and their major stakeholders, especially decision makers that are so-called Sponsors or Investors.
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